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it's cold in the desert
I'm not dead! 
6th-Mar-2013 01:50 pm
I am sooooo sorry for not updating in like, 2 months...

So, I don't know who knows this, but I've been trying to join the US Air Force. I was 20 lbs. over the max weight requirement for my height. I've been trying to lose the weight since October. These past few weeks I started working out pretty intensely and being more active, so I had to cut out all computer and television time; NO SIMS. Once I lost the weight, I had to study for my ASVAB. (Still no time for my simmies). I took my ASVAB Monday and I will be going to MEPS on March 13 to officially become an Airman.

No one knows how freaking proud I am of myself!
That day will be one of the greatest moments in my life.

I just wanted to let everyone know what's up!

I promise you all an update once I get back! :))))))
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