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it's cold in the desert
I think I try too hard with the teasers. Last time: We met… 
3rd-Jan-2013 09:39 am

I think I try too hard with the teasers.

Last time:
We met Fae.
Fae met Wendall.
Fae didn't like Wendall 'cause she was stalking Romon.
Fae got over Romon because she met cute stranger, Ian.

You guys...this chapter is 90+ pictures of almost nothing but Fae & Ian. Seriously. I love them. I could not stop taking pictures, and I forgot to document anything else. Not that anything else is as important as their combined cuteness <3  
They talked & played chess together all night, until the sun rose.

Then, I Fae decided she wanted to pursue the sexiness known as Ian.

So it was time to face Wendall...

Wendall: Oh Fae I'm so happy to see you it's been weeks. I've missed you.

Wendall: I was starting to think...maybe you weren't in love with me anymore.

Fae Well...I'm not. I met someone. You were great and everything but I think we should move on.

Wendall: Are you kidding me, Fae?? After everything we've gone through, we're ending just like this?!

Fae: I'm sorry! But, we'll always have the wishing well!
(& to be quite honest that's all we ever had...)

Wendall: Whatever. Fae, you broke my heart. Screw this, I'm outta' here.

Poor bby. I hate breakups, even on the Sims :c He looks so sad.

& then he fucking pulls this face...

Then after all that Fae immediately called Ian :3

Ian:  Hey, thanks for the call. I'm happy to see you again.

Apparently Fae is happy to see him, too.




For once her in life, Fae actually went to the festival with someone x) She is no longer a lonely sim. 

Later that night, this beauty showed up at Fae's house!

Fae: Welcome to Earth. Care to come inside?

& then my game crashed and she was gone forever.
The End.

Fae's watching you...

& I'm afraid she doesn't like what she sees.

Jk! She thinks you're adorable <3

Fae's pretty independent, I'll give her that. But I feel bad that she has no friends,
and no guy around the house to fix the sink for her.

So I invited over Ian!

Fae: I was wondering if you could stay with me tonight because I met an alien the other night and I'm a scared damsel in distress and such.

Ian: Uh...sure! No problem.

Fae: Well gosh that makes me feel a whole lot better, Ian.

Fae: Have some flowers, as a thank you.
(I'm trying to woo you)


Ian Aww. You're a charming girl, you know that?

I wouldn't guess a guy would be a sucker for flowers, but it looks like Fae knows what she's doing.

Really knows what she's doing.

Dat face.

Fae: Thankyouthankyouthankyou for bringing this beautiful man into my short, sim life.

You're quite welcome.

Fae: So, wanna be my boyfriend?
Ian: Uhm, sure. I have no problem with that.

It's easier just to get straight to the point, sometimes x)

Because Ian is such a gentlemen all they did was sleep :3

The next morning Fae demonstrated her eligibility to be a great wife for Ian by cooking him breakfast.
(as un-feminist as that sounded...sorry)

He enjoyed it <3

...foreshadowing something here?

Fae: I got the job! I was awesome at that interview.

Fae really has no life outside of Ian, now so I let her get a job but we'll have to see if my computer lets her. x)

Fae: I miss you.
Ian:  I miss you, too. Come over?

LOOK GUYZ HE BOWED. He actually bowed to her when he opened the door!
(idk what the hell he's wearing) but he bowed omg this was the most adorable thing I've seen yet.


Ian: Did she do that on purpose?

Fae: I totally did that on purpose.


Fae spent the night & Ian cooked for her this time :3

It was just salad, but she liked it :)

Fae: Yeah, come to Mama.

Fae: I'm so in love I don't know what to do with all my feels!!

Up until this point I forgot she was neurotic.
She doesn't act at all like her traits.

Just to give you a break from all the love...

Even this horse knows he's not supposed to do that x)
So I think I have to uninstall pets :((

Fae: Dear, Ian
Meet me at the dock by your place Friday morning.
With lots of love,

Fae: Aww Ian you came.

Ian: Of course I did. I can't stay away from you for long.

Fae: Well maybe you don't have to.

Fae: Now, this might sound crazy but just listen.

Fae: I never want to be away from you again. You're the only person I've got, Ian Atwood.

Fae: So will you marry me?

In what world would anyone say no to this?

Ian: Aw Fae, you know I will!

Definitely not this world!

Lucky girl gets to spend the rest of her life with this face! :3

& he gets to spend the rest of his life with this one :D <3

My favorite couple <3

& look, I remembered to sharpen at least one picture.

So Ian moved in and I immediately invaded his privacy.

& he continued to do things like this to make me Fae fall even more in love with him.


As well as everyone in Lucky Palms.
They lined up for hours just to watch him play the piano.

Fae seems content with her life.

Here comes the bride...

Cute feetsy picture.


I do


What'd I tell ya' about foreshadowing? :3

& they ended their wedding the same way all sims do :)

Thanks so much for reading!! 
Sorry for all the pic spam :/

3rd-Jan-2013 07:03 pm (UTC)
ugh all the feels ;-; Ian you perf guy you I mean he's handsome, freckly, and a ginger like how can you go wrong with those features. Their relationship is just so precious asdhsfds
I just want all the Fae/Ian bbs ;-;

silly horse you don't belong in the floor water you doing
3rd-Jan-2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
What I love most about him is his big nose :3 well, big compared to Fae's.
I love their relationship! Ian is so sweet and gentle to Fae, he always autonomously embraces her or holds her hands. Fae is more aggressive...she's always rolling the want to make out with him, haha! His nose and her tiny eyes make me a little scared for the bbs Dx

teehee he doesn't know.
3rd-Jan-2013 07:51 pm (UTC)
Fae and Ian are so beautiful *-* I'd spend all my day looking at them *___*
I'm so looking forward to see how their children will look like >ò

Edited at 2013-01-03 07:53 pm (UTC)
3rd-Jan-2013 08:18 pm (UTC)
I DO spend all day looking at them. Thank you :3

I've never had good-looking children before, so here's to hoping they pass on their good genes and have adorable babies :D
3rd-Jan-2013 08:02 pm (UTC)
Bby do NOT feel sorry for all the spam about them. They're special i love them so much fjsbfhdh all this cuteness i just can't ♥
They're so perfect together and their babies are gonna be gorgeous and sweet and everything in this world :3 sorry Wendall, you weren't right for Fae. Ian, au contraire, is totally perfect for her. For me. For Peach. Basically for everybody.
Now guys.. gimme babiesss

3rd-Jan-2013 08:20 pm (UTC)
OMG your enthusiasm is just... amazing <3 Ian IS perfect. He's a gentleman and the biggest sweetheart. I know he's going to be such a cute dad :3 I can't wait!
3rd-Jan-2013 10:07 pm (UTC)
Yay for Ian & Fae spam!
They're too cute together to not spam honestly.
Aw they're so adorable, I just can't wait to see some babies! ^__^
4th-Jan-2013 12:21 am (UTC)
I really tried to take pictures of other things, but they always lured me back in with their cuteness! Thank you for your comment :3
3rd-Jan-2013 10:47 pm (UTC)
I've just discovered your legacy and I already love it! :D
Seriously, I really like the founder, she is so pretty, and her faces are too cute :3
Even in my game there even aren't interesting male sims, so I have always do the same you've done... but actually I was so happy of that bacause thanks to this we have met Ian *.*
I'm in love with his profile, exspecially his nose n_n
Their kids will surely be beatiful, I can't wait to see them!
Ps: sorry for my english, I hope I don't have done too much mistakes xD
4th-Jan-2013 12:26 am (UTC)
Thank you! I'm so glad you like her, that means a lot to me. I don't make the most original/good/etc-looking sims. I usually download sims from other people and play them. She's one of the first I actually created and was tons proud of :3
And then Ian came soon after! I am so jealous of the legacy's that have decent looking townies and make cute babies. It's not fair that I can't find good genes in my own game! His nose is pretty cute, I think it's endearing how big it is x3

No problem, I think your English is fine. A lot of people in the sims community always apologize for "bad" English, but I can totally understand everything you mean.
4th-Jan-2013 12:45 pm (UTC)
Your game is so darn pretty its hardly fair!!

Really love these two, their genetics will be a nice compliment to each other me thinks!

Can't wait to see how the kidlets come out, I can only expect great things from these too, and from the looks of the last picture I bet they shall be here soon!

Seriously, you make me want to play in Lunar Lakes and I never really have!

Really enjoying this legacy and all the founding couple spam!
5th-Jan-2013 06:11 pm (UTC)
Haha thanks x3 I'm so grateful my dad let me install everything on his computer, because the graphics on my laptop were so-so.

I'm hoping so! I really hope they have cute kiddies, I've never had such luck, before.

& I'm sure you meant Lucky Palms, not Lunar Lakes, hehe. I really like this world. I had been waiting for a desert themed world forever before they released one. It's really pretty. I don't like any of the community lots, so I'm hoping to rebuild them all.

Thank you again :3 I love comments!
8th-Jan-2013 05:25 pm (UTC)
asdfghjkl they are just too perfect <3

I REALLY want to see what their children are going to look like! I bet they'll be adorable! c:

Great chapter!
11th-Jan-2013 02:47 am (UTC)
Thanks, I think so, too!

I hope they don't disappoint you!
11th-Jan-2013 12:42 am (UTC)
holy sweet jesus this is the most gorgeous legacy i've ever seen
your sims are PERFECT
your custom content is PERFECT
your graphics are GSFGDGFG PERFECT

please please please update soon :)
11th-Jan-2013 02:49 am (UTC)
Thank you! I feel Fae & Ian are perfect in their own way but my game & graphics definitely aren't haha I'm so glad you think so, though :3

I will try to update ASAP. I have some faulty CC or something because my game is crashing and I'm too lazy to fix it -_- then I get frustrated playing and I forget to take pictures and I yell at the screen and blahhh

but I'll update soon :)
11th-Jan-2013 09:08 am (UTC)
seriously though, your graphics inspired me to risk whacking mine up to their highest on my mom's mac and miraculously it runs like a dream :D

omg tell me about it :| does it just crash randomly ? or is there a pattern ? cos on my computer AND my mom's, if i try to edit a sim in cas with testingcheatsenabled, the CC makes the sim graphics go all botched and then my game crashes :| it did it when i was trying to update my legacy yesterday, so i feel ya pain <3

but yay, can't wait ! :)
21st-May-2013 04:57 pm (UTC)
D'awwwww They are absolutely adorable! Ian is a cutey, I hope he sticks around!! Babehs in the future?! I hope so :)
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